The Best Education for Free – What the Elite get taught

about time I put some of my thoughts down on education and in particular home schooling.
John Taylor Gatto the New York Teacher of the year for several years, abandoned teaching to continue his long journey of understanding why compulsory state education came to be, and who was behind it. You can read the underground history of American Education here

And what you will discover is that there is a fourth purpose to schooling, and that it is basically to create cogs in the wheels of industry , to dumb our children down, to enslave them , to condition them to be anything but what their potential as children of adam should be. And it is only through this slave making factory that the machines of modern societies work so well. But at the cost of our souls. We are all children of Adam and are created with the capacity for greatness, every one of us.

But not all schools and colleges are the same, some are geared to create the leaders and movers and shakers of society. providing them with the skills and experience to put their heads above the parapit. You can listen to the full interview what the twenty elite boarding schools teach their children

“Now let’s take a look at what parents at the finest private schools want from schooling. I’ve been studying their expectations for nearly 20 years in order to compare them with my own goals. I’m talking about the 20 ritziest private boarding schools in America – schools like Groton, St. Pauls, Deerfield, Kent.

I’m going to ask you to note that none of the principles these parents seek cost a penny to develop. Everybody could do one or all these things with their kids just as well as Exeter or St.Paul’s could. What these elite private school parents want schools to teach their children, in no particular order of importance, are:

• good manners and to display those manners to everyone without thinking, because they know in this way their children will be welcome everywhere.

• hard intellectual knowledge, undiluted, but in simple English so no specialized jargon interferes with understanding the fundamental ideas.

• love and appreciation for the land and the natural world of plants and animals, because without this understanding, life becomes lonely, barren, and abstract.

• a public sense of decorum so that they can adapt naturally to every setting they find themselves in without provoking anger and opposition.

• a common core of western culture so that all the generations can be comfortable with a shared set of tastes and values. (Well we’ll leave this one out , lol)

• leadership; they aren’t interested in their children being part of a managed herd.

• self-discipline.

there is also another list from John taylor gatto floating around on the internet.


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