News of the World – A History of Hate Mongering

well today is a very good day.  Today is the day that the News of the World folded. Lets hope it doesn’t stop there . The Scum and Fox News. Yeaaaah

So appart from the fact that no UK party can win an election without the endorsement of Murdoc, which meant that Murdoc could dictate his zionist agenda in parliament, we have a never ending trail of lies and attacks on the Muslim community dressed up as sensationalism.

Here are just some examples of the cr*p that Murdoc peddled with the News of the World

Prisoners being taken over by Muslim gangs

Beast in the Burkha

Mooslim terrorist everywhere

Olympic Terror Bid

These are just a few. Any one who can remember some more of their outrageous headlines, let me know and i will post them up


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