The Jewish Banker, The Muslim Maid and Lady Justice

On May 14th in the Sofitel Hotel in New York, an incident took place that was to lay bare the corrupt judicial system in America. A legal system that allows the Rich and Powerful to get away with murder.

A maid enters a room to clean it to find a naked man in front of her. This man then proceeds  to violently sexually assault the maid, who eventually escapes,and  informs the hotel staff. A physical examination shows bruising and confirms sexual activity had taken place. On the surface of it , what more do you need. This is about as clear-cut a convictable rape as you can get.

However when the rapist is the Jewish head of the IMF and in line for the head of the French Socialist Party, and married to the Jewish Billionaire Bridget Guillemette, then it becomes a case of the Victim becoming the lying manipulative money grabber and the rapist the victim.

However what they didn’t bargain for is that the Rape Victim was a devout Muslim, who was raised in her small town in Guinea with the fear of God. They didn’t bargain for a family that would refuse their offers of millions of dollars to drop the case, and they didn’t bargain for a women who in her words to her daughter said “I am gonna be strong for you and every other women in the world”

(its worth pointing out that most newspapers who use this image cut out the man with the muslim hat – perhaps they don’t want people to know that the lady came from a morally upstanding family)

What they would have us Believe

I know it sounds ludicrous, but Kahns (best you can buy) lawyers would have us believe that it is perfectly normal for a young women brought up as a devout muslim to give violent oral sex to every fat old pasty man who jumps out at her naked whilst she cleans the room.

But they are having a little problem as they can’t seem to explain away her moral upbringing or the physical evidence of sexual assault or the fact she reported the rape almost immediately after. So as you would expect , the (best you can buy) lawyers are doing what they do best sidestepping the law for the rich and powerful, by attempting to get the prosecution to drop the case, by painting this devout women as a harlot, and a cheat.

here are some of their scandalous accusations pumped through the (best you can buy) press. All of which have turned out to be lies, hearsay or blatant falsehoods.

  • That the victim really cried rape to get money, and this is proved by a phone conversation afterwards. It turns out that the anonymous police leak was a complete lie
  • That the victim lied on her immigration card and tax report – This somehow makes her testimony as a rape victim less worthy, so much so that the defence is asking the case to be thrown out.
  • That a large amount of money was deposited in her bank account. (maybe she was paid by secret agents to have violent consensual oral sex with this fat pasty old naked man who jumped out at her)

Lets hope that this doesn’t become another example of the rich and powerful getting away with murder, lets hope that the honesty and morality of this women prevails and she gets justice for all the women that are exploited by this kind of scum.


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