Will France have a Rapist as President

As i expected , the American criminal justice system is as corrupt if not more corrupt than any tin pot dictator you can find in the middle east. It has one set of rules for the ordinary person and another for the rich and powerful. The case of the rich Jewish banker rapist Strauss Kahn and ex head of the IMF and the simple Muslim Maid Nafissatou Diallo shouts it out in neon lights. I am sure the ordinary person gets the message. And the political elite in France in their bare-faced arrogance are clamouring for this rapist to run as President under the left banner in France. As the corrupt DA are dropping the case, it ain’t even going to trial

The US system is SO corrupt that the lawyers for the victim are calling for the District Attorney Prosecution to be dumped and replaced because they are so corrupt . Diallo’s lawyers claim Vance’s leaked “false information to the press that may have irreparably damaged Ms. Diallo’s credibility,” undermining the case, reports WSJ

But the man is innocent until proven Guilty this is in our Justice System? I hear you say.

Yeah and you got the whole idea  from the Muslims (Istishab), that was the basis of english common law, before the west was busy dunking witches.And anyhow it ain’t worth the paper its written on if you’re gonna throw out cast iron rape allegations because the victim lied on her tax returns as i highlighted earlier here

Oh and some more reasons why we should have no faith in the judicial system

“Criminal Justice” largely consists of a system whereby the state uses the cover of legal formalities to commit crimes against individuals such as the persecution of persons who engage in cultural practices disfavored by the state, the excessive punishment and brutalization of persons who have done minor or modest harms to others and the suppression of the economic livelihoods of persons lacking political power for the benefit of their more powerful competitors . Dealing with Crime in a Free Society


Saif Al-Islam, Baghdad and Amercian Propoganda

I think we can all remember the footage of Saddam statue being pulled down in Baghdad. And we can all remember the subsequent pan shot photos that showed how the whole event was staged.

The purpose was to broadcast to the rest of Baghdad to give the impression the city had been taken and that any resistance might as well give up.

Well they tried again with Libya and the liberation of Tripoli.Firstly they flew in rebels to the outskirts of Tripoli and then ran reports of how Gaddafi was missing but that his dreaded son Saif Al-Islam was captured by the rebels. Couple this with spontaneous dancing in Green Square filmed by Sky News and the same result was predicted. Gaddafi’s regime was over and the government soldiers might as well give up now. Even I was Fooled.

But then the very next day. Saif -Al-Islam turned up , not in captivity but free amongst throngs of pro Gaddafi crowds. Looks like the american psyc-ops made a blooper there



Islam takes root in Rio De Janeiro

A recent article by the Lebanese Daily Star






Talks of the growing conversion of Brazilians to Islam post 911.

“The number of Muslims continues to grow, and most are Brazilians who are converting. We recruit members mostly online,” explained Sami Isbelle, a spokesman for the Beneficent Muslim Society.

“In Rio, there are about 500 Muslim families, 85 percent of them Brazilian converts who have no Arab links,” Isbelle said.

The best indicator of the growth of Islam in the country is the rapid increase in the number of places of worship, according to Pinto. There are now 127 mosques, four times as many as there were back in 2000.

But Islam is not new to Brazil, Brazil witnessed one of many muslim african slave uprising. The most famous known as the Baihai uprising . Not only where slaves from west africa taken to the US but also South America and in particular Brazil. A very large percentage of these captured west Africans where muslims.


Libya Falls to the Rebels

The last bastion of Gaddafi resistance – Tripoli fell on Sunday night, with wild celebrations in the infamous Green Square, and rebels sweeping into the City. Saif Al-Islam confirmed captured

With all the revolutions there has always been a mixture of emotions. Concerns about Western interference and hopes for a more representative governmental system. And none more so than with Libya. The transitional government is already in the bag, and will have to pay in blood and oil for NATO help in “liberating” the people. Whether this will come in the form of political capitulation , or the lucrative deals in rebuilding Libyan infrastructure.

It is up to the current leaders to recognise that people do not want to be farms the goverment is there for the people. And if they don’t then they can be pretty sure that the enemies will use the opportunity of popular uprising for their benefits.

But on the other hand there is a genuine chance for the people to have a system whereby they can remove the leader without blood shed, civil war and revolution if he fails to represent the people. Lets hope it is a state modelled on Medina, where non muslims were granted the right to rule themselves. Where state coercion was limited to crimes where there where victims such as rape murder and theft. But did not control what people wore, or what they did in their homes or how they conducted business, where taxes were restricted to zakat and jizyah, and there where no restrictions on citizenship, travel , etc
A state where community pressure was the primary enforcement, but which allowed people freedom of movement so that they could move to another community where they would feel more at home.

Rather than the Islamist states being banded around as todays solution. Where sharia is controlled by the government and not by an independent judiciary.  A state where sharia is codifed thus removing a persons right to be adjudicated by what he belives be it the Shafi Madhab or the Malaki Madhab. A state where the government pervades every aspect of your life as it does in the west and the government perpertrates criminal acts on the people for the benefit of powerful others.

Heres hoping for a government lite – The Muslim Anarchist.

Israel told to recall their ambassador to Egypt

Following Israelis collective punishment on what is the largest open air prison Gaza, and its killing of three Egyptian Soldiers on the border of Eilat and Sinai. The Egyptian cabinet has told Israel to recall its Ambassador to Egypt, pending a thorough investigation and official apology. as reported by Aljazeera arabic

Fury has Erupted outside the Embassy with thousands of demonstrators surrounding the building and calling for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador

Protestors have removed the Israeli flag and replaced it with the Egyptian and Palestinian Flag.

Commentators have suggested that Israels escalation of violence in the region is a bid to thwart Palastines UN bid on the 20th September for statehood

In addition Egypt is recalling its ambassador from Israel

Fury Outside Israeli Embassy in Cairo

With the 20th September date looming for Palestine to ask all United Nation Member states to recognise it as a sovereign state, Israel as expected is doing everything to promote chaos in Palestine . Although the US is expected to veto the vote, the overwhelming majority of the UN nations at a subsequent General Assembly vote is expected to call for Palestine to become a UN observer and Non member state, giving it representation in all the UN bodies.  This is important as it would allow Palestine at all levels to challenge Israelis illegal occupation and oppression of Palestinians.

Things are starting to escalate in the region with Hamas armed wing calling off a two-year truce. But more significantly the new people power in Egypt are responding to Israels barbaric bombardment of the largest open air prison that is Gaza.  So far the mainstream media has largely focused on an attack on israeli soldiers in a bus in Eilat, whilst doing its utmost to ignore the collective punishment of Israeli strikes in Gaza, and its killing of young Palestinian children.

But they won’t be able to ignore the seismic shift in Egypt’s policy with Israel. Over the last few days following Israelis killing of Egyptian soldiers on the border thousands of Egyptians have been outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo calling for the expulsion of the Israeli envoy


This has now been reiterated by the Egyption cabinate calling for Tel Aviv to recall abassador.

As of Saturday Morning over 16 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza strip, and Demonstrators have surrounded the israeli embassy in Cairo

RAF Pilot and Convert to Islam criticises Libya Campaign

Dr Joel Hayward is dean of the college at Cranwell, the RAF’s equivalent of Sandhurst,

“In a letter to The Mail on Sunday entitled The Air Force Ayatollah, one senior officer expressed concern that Dr Hayward was focusing more on ‘Islamist activities that are nothing to do with the RAF’.

He also accused him of giving Muslim cadets preferential treatment and making other students take a ‘softly, softly line when writing about Muslim terrorists/Islamist extremists’.

Another officer claimed cadets and lecturers ‘are in fear’ of expressing anything that might be construed as anti-Muslim sentiment. ‘Anyone who fails to follow the line that Islam is a peace-loving religion is hauled into his office for re-education,’ he said.

Last night Dr Hayward said he did not ‘recognise’ the allegations.

Dr Joel has recently been in the news for questioning the role of the RAF on the colonial campaign against Libya.

It seems more likely a smear campaign from the Zionist brigade that attacks any Muslim in key positions using the Zionist centric media

Inviting NATO in to rid Libya of Gaddafi was like jumping from the fire into the frying pan.It was and is quite obvious that Nato (read europe) was securing Libyan oil and resources for the benefit of Europe. But it was also clear that Gaddafi and his pseudo islamic (green book) style of leadership

Really to have saved his country he should have turned it into a islamic democracy, where the constitution guaranteed the justice of Sharia for all, but allowed non muslims to govern themselves according to their rules in personal law. (as it was in Medina). Having a mechanism to remove a dictator that arrived by a military coup through the simple process of a ballot would have made the removal of a corrupt leader much easier and would have acted as a barrier to having a western overlord