Londons Historic Link to Islam – Museum of London


As part of the Shubbak Festival Professor Jack Lohman, gave a talk on London’s historical connection to the arab world.

He talked about Eyles Irwins play entitled the Beduoins. But also Henry Mayehew  a satirist and journalists writings on the immigrant culture and poverty in London (nothing changed there then), and the arab london guide

But there is so much more history, such as the first recorede coffee shop the Pasqua Rosee in 1652, or the huge fanfare surrounding the arrival of the Moroccan ambassadors

“‘two Moores, being noble men, whereof one was of the Kings blood’ who were brought by Thomas Wyndham in 1551CE (957 AH) . But by far the most celebrated was the arrival of the Moroccan ambassador, a Alkaid Jaurar bin Abdell, in 1637 CE (1046 AH). His visit was all over the London press, ‘over a hundred aldermen and citizens of where there to welcome him, dressed in their ‘scarlet gowns’ and chaynes of gold’ . In a spectacle that was ‘attended by Thousands, and ten Thousands of Spectators , he was then ‘lighted with 5 or 600 torches to his lodging’ in Wood Street near St Lawrence Jewry. The ambassador was a Portuguese convert to Islam and had brought with him 360 British Captives and 16 released free of Charge as a sign of goodwill”



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