Muslims Defend London During London Riots

The reports where coming in thick and fast last night of the tragedy that was London Riots, and a theme started to develop . Reports of Looters being chased out of certain areas or prevented from entering. Most of the reports came from tweets from the public. Once again mainstream media was shown lacking. and the BBC’s coverage was diabolical, reminded me of the Egyptian state tv coverage of the uprising in Cairo.

Back to the theme.
Huge areas of London where being defended, but not by the police but by the people. In particular the Muslim and Asian Community.
The first reports came in after the initial riots on Saturday where Wood Green, and Tottenham where hit.  Turkish and Kurdish Shop owners began to form Protection rings to protect their local property

Then on Monday night when the whole of London and other major cities of the UK erupted early evening reports began appearing of Turkish shop owners and communities defending Dalston, chasing off Looters and rioters

But it didn’t stop there according to tweets from general society “People are getting in their cars and running down these rioters to protect their area in East Ham as no cops around”

and again in green street While in the busy shopping street of Green Street, in Forest Hill, there were reports that 400 young Asian men had chased off up to 150 rioters

also in west london reports came in at 2.00 in the morning last night that Shopkeepers where defending their shops and sikhs where outside defending their temples.

In whitechapel muslims who had just come out of the mosque for Tarweyah prayers saw looters trying to smash the Islamic Bank of Britain they where chased off and young muslims stayed to defend the bank

I am proud of my fellow Muslims.



many of the looters out there where no doubt Muslims, and even though it is Ramadan still took it upon themselves to get their free iPods or JD Sports gear.

I have no problem with these large corporations where thousands work for a slave wage.  When the Prophet worked for Khadija, his work was deemed equal to Khadija’s financial investment and so they both shared in the profit. Working as wage slaves destroys our Ummah.

But independent businesses, something muslim asians  and turks excel at. They must be protected. They must be defended, as must peoples homes. Horrific stories of houses being burnt to the ground.

And as for the police. According to the Guardian 333 people have died in custody since 1998 and NO officers have been convicted. When the state has a monopoly on violence and they abuse that trust given to them by the people, the people will act. Who polices the police but the people.

I lay the blame squarely on a corrupt unaccountable police system, and a corrupt government system that has done everything in its power to destroy the family, and to artificially create a high cost of living through its private banking money creation system. And a state that has used schooling to destroy the young and their ability to reach for the stars as the sons of Adam.


13 thoughts on “Muslims Defend London During London Riots

  1. They were not ‘defending London’, they were understandably protecting their own interests. If it is the ‘muslim areas’ that are suffering riots, perhaps it is because the locals’ tolerance of muslims has finally run out. This would explain why so many of them were having to defend themselves.

  2. from the bbc website on international responses.
    below is an extract from a russsian media outlet indicating that it is muslims from 3 countries as cause for the “agitation”.
    Those Russians have so much respect and unbiased reporting . hey!!!

    Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia

    Riots that began in London on the night of Sunday 7 August are spreading across the British capital… “There is real agitation in London’s outskirts where ethnic youth groups from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan live… They lack any structure; this is just a boiling cauldron… If we compare the unrest in London with riots on Moscow’s Manezhnaya Ploshchad square [in December 2010], the situation here is different, though visually they are alike. These ethnic groups in London… are shouting out that the police treat them in an extremely tough way. In Russia, the ethnic majority came out on the streets to protest against the police’s inaction… In the UK, the police need a consolidated political will despite its strength. The authorities should say that ‘if you want to live in England, you should work and become Englishmen or go away’… Years will pass before the UK authorities venture to take tough measures in the immigration policy. But these measures will nevertheless not resemble methods used by [Libyan leader Muammar] al-Qadhafi. So, London suburbs will keep burning,” says director of the Institute of Political Studies Sergey Markov.

  3. Clearly people don’t get how Muslims protect themselves and others around them as after treating your family Loving, you should treat your neighbours like family too.

    This is Direct @Jon Kent Clearly you don’t know jack all Green street and major asian populated communities havent been looted because asians are protecting their COMMUNITY. Clearly you don’t know the meaning of the word Community and Solidarity.

    This is @blue thunder, Russia is just as bad a the US and the rest of Europe’s Media, they say they are different but clearly the section of the article you have shown, shows they just make news articles out from the top of their uneducated and lying minds, Thanks for letting people know just how Bad Russian journalists are, just like the rest of the West.

  4. I don’t think it was about them protecting it because of their own ‘interests’ it was that area/community that took it upon themselves to make sure no one attacked their homes, businesses and belongings.

    And it’s not about tolerance, the majority of these rioters are young disillusioned and stupid white or Afro-Caribbean kids who think they are owed something or who think that they have the right to just be handed things on plate without bothering to have any morals, decency, manners or education.

    But this isn’t just about race or religion, this is about the general youth who are out of hand because parents are not taking accountability, most of these kids are from broken homes or single parents and they just have that “F All” attitude. Parents, teachers and community leaders need to stand up to their kids and they need to take control, otherwise these riots will become common practise.

    As for the muslim/asian contingent who actually bothered to stand up and protect the areas they reside in i say well done. There were so many bystanders watching the rioting and letting cars being torched or shops being broken into, perhaps if they had actually come together and stand up as one then some of these kids wouldn’t have gone so far.

    But no, let’s not forget that most British people are happy to just standby and watch rather than speak up or do something.

  5. Don’t try to politicise the rioters’ motives. They are opportunist criminals with little or no political or social conscience, so to blame corruption or government mismanagement is ridiculous. The riots are merely the culmination of years of social apathy towards hooded youths – the more people turned a blind eye to their loitering and petty criminality, the more emblodened they have become and we are now seeing just how brazen they are. These riots are an opportunity for the people Britain, and the Muslims within it, to stand up and show them that hooliganism and thuggery will not be tolerated. Muslims need to remember that there is just as much honour to fight for your land as your deen. The Turks have been showing bravery and Insha’Allah their courage will pave the way for other communities around the UK to stand up and protect themselves.

  6. “a corrupt government system that has done everything in its power to destroy the family,”

    How? In what way have government destroyed ‘the family’ – and what would you set as examples of governments that have ‘supported the family’?

  7. The real enemy is not the looters on the streets but the looters in government who are cutting services, benefits and jobs while spending billions of our pounds in imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. Those who do not understand their past are condemned to repeat it, and those who do not understand that the riots are profoundly political will end up hating people who are just the victims of an economic system which piles up money for the rich while exploiting & oppressing the poor. This is not to say that I agree with what the rioters are doing – often they are mistakenly attacking small businesses which are important parts of the community. It is clear that fascists are using the riots to intimidate ethnic communities, while pretending they are defending themselves. The right wing press, of course, will try to blame this all on immigration and “failed multiculturalism”. It is very important that we stand shoulder to shoulder & develop a resistance to a system which can force political change as it did in Tunisia & Egypt. Organise to protect communities by all means, but let’s try too to unite communities and to resist the government’s plans to cut jobs and services. The real enemy is in Westminster.Don’t let the government and the media trick us into fighting each other. We need a political resistance.

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  9. My comment is easy and simple. The Muslims in the West who do not like democracy and wish instead Sharia and Theocracy are not in the right place. The West has decided long ago and after protracted wars and suffering to separate State and Church and upgrade out of Middle Age. Any Muslim involved in clashes and violence against any Western Institution, citizen or authority – or even churches and Christians – on the basis of retaliation for alleged offence or crime inflicted by other private parties, is a criminal and doesn’t deserve any legitimate religious or civic status.
    That’s all and wish all wisdom to avoid certain and infallible human and divine retribution.

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