3 Muslim Brothers killed in #BirminghamRiots

Inna lilahi wa in ilahi rajioon

Reports are coming in from Sangat Tv  and confirmed by WM BBC Radio that 2 muslim brothers have been run down and killed,defending a friends property from rioters in Birmingham on Dudley Road. The brothers names are Haron Hussain and  Mustafa Hussain  by  Reports are also coming in that a third Brother died in the same incident, which is now confimred

The muslim community must come out and defend their property and their people. The police are no longer in a position to do this.

And From the BBC Website

“Police have begun a murder inquiry after two pedestrians were run over and killed by a driver in Birmingham.
A third man is said to be in a critical condition after incident, at 01:15 BST on the Dudley Road in Winson Green.

Police have arrested a man and a vehicle has been recovered.

The casualties were taken to the nearby City Hospital where a large crowd has gathered. It is not yet known if the deaths are linked to overnight rioting in the area.

Police in riot gear have been blocking the hospital’s main entrance.

Members of the Asian community have described the incident as a hit-and-run”


5 thoughts on “3 Muslim Brothers killed in #BirminghamRiots

  1. It would be wiser to think about what you say before you post it.
    Save time too in the long run.
    No need to put up this post.

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