Fury Outside Israeli Embassy in Cairo

With the 20th September date looming for Palestine to ask all United Nation Member states to recognise it as a sovereign state, Israel as expected is doing everything to promote chaos in Palestine . Although the US is expected to veto the vote, the overwhelming majority of the UN nations at a subsequent General Assembly vote is expected to call for Palestine to become a UN observer and Non member state, giving it representation in all the UN bodies.  This is important as it would allow Palestine at all levels to challenge Israelis illegal occupation and oppression of Palestinians.

Things are starting to escalate in the region with Hamas armed wing calling off a two-year truce. But more significantly the new people power in Egypt are responding to Israels barbaric bombardment of the largest open air prison that is Gaza.  So far the mainstream media has largely focused on an attack on israeli soldiers in a bus in Eilat, whilst doing its utmost to ignore the collective punishment of Israeli strikes in Gaza, and its killing of young Palestinian children.

But they won’t be able to ignore the seismic shift in Egypt’s policy with Israel. Over the last few days following Israelis killing of Egyptian soldiers on the border thousands of Egyptians have been outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo calling for the expulsion of the Israeli envoy


This has now been reiterated by the Egyption cabinate calling for Tel Aviv to recall abassador.

As of Saturday Morning over 16 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza strip, and Demonstrators have surrounded the israeli embassy in Cairo


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