Islam takes root in Rio De Janeiro

A recent article by the Lebanese Daily Star






Talks of the growing conversion of Brazilians to Islam post 911.

“The number of Muslims continues to grow, and most are Brazilians who are converting. We recruit members mostly online,” explained Sami Isbelle, a spokesman for the Beneficent Muslim Society.

“In Rio, there are about 500 Muslim families, 85 percent of them Brazilian converts who have no Arab links,” Isbelle said.

The best indicator of the growth of Islam in the country is the rapid increase in the number of places of worship, according to Pinto. There are now 127 mosques, four times as many as there were back in 2000.

But Islam is not new to Brazil, Brazil witnessed one of many muslim african slave uprising. The most famous known as the Baihai uprising . Not only where slaves from west africa taken to the US but also South America and in particular Brazil. A very large percentage of these captured west Africans where muslims.



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