Libya Falls to the Rebels

The last bastion of Gaddafi resistance – Tripoli fell on Sunday night, with wild celebrations in the infamous Green Square, and rebels sweeping into the City. Saif Al-Islam confirmed captured

With all the revolutions there has always been a mixture of emotions. Concerns about Western interference and hopes for a more representative governmental system. And none more so than with Libya. The transitional government is already in the bag, and will have to pay in blood and oil for NATO help in “liberating” the people. Whether this will come in the form of political capitulation , or the lucrative deals in rebuilding Libyan infrastructure.

It is up to the current leaders to recognise that people do not want to be farms the goverment is there for the people. And if they don’t then they can be pretty sure that the enemies will use the opportunity of popular uprising for their benefits.

But on the other hand there is a genuine chance for the people to have a system whereby they can remove the leader without blood shed, civil war and revolution if he fails to represent the people. Lets hope it is a state modelled on Medina, where non muslims were granted the right to rule themselves. Where state coercion was limited to crimes where there where victims such as rape murder and theft. But did not control what people wore, or what they did in their homes or how they conducted business, where taxes were restricted to zakat and jizyah, and there where no restrictions on citizenship, travel , etc
A state where community pressure was the primary enforcement, but which allowed people freedom of movement so that they could move to another community where they would feel more at home.

Rather than the Islamist states being banded around as todays solution. Where sharia is controlled by the government and not by an independent judiciary.  A state where sharia is codifed thus removing a persons right to be adjudicated by what he belives be it the Shafi Madhab or the Malaki Madhab. A state where the government pervades every aspect of your life as it does in the west and the government perpertrates criminal acts on the people for the benefit of powerful others.

Heres hoping for a government lite – The Muslim Anarchist.


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