Will France have a Rapist as President

As i expected , the American criminal justice system is as corrupt if not more corrupt than any tin pot dictator you can find in the middle east. It has one set of rules for the ordinary person and another for the rich and powerful. The case of the rich Jewish banker rapist Strauss Kahn and ex head of the IMF and the simple Muslim Maid Nafissatou Diallo shouts it out in neon lights. I am sure the ordinary person gets the message. And the political elite in France in their bare-faced arrogance are clamouring for this rapist to run as President under the left banner in France. As the corrupt DA are dropping the case, it ain’t even going to trial

The US system is SO corrupt that the lawyers for the victim are calling for the District Attorney Prosecution to be dumped and replaced because they are so corrupt . Diallo’s lawyers claim Vance’s leaked “false information to the press that may have irreparably damaged Ms. Diallo’s credibility,” undermining the case, reports WSJ

But the man is innocent until proven Guilty this is in our Justice System? I hear you say.

Yeah and you got the whole idea  from the Muslims (Istishab), that was the basis of english common law, before the west was busy dunking witches.And anyhow it ain’t worth the paper its written on if you’re gonna throw out cast iron rape allegations because the victim lied on her tax returns as i highlighted earlier here

Oh and some more reasons why we should have no faith in the judicial system

“Criminal Justice” largely consists of a system whereby the state uses the cover of legal formalities to commit crimes against individuals such as the persecution of persons who engage in cultural practices disfavored by the state, the excessive punishment and brutalization of persons who have done minor or modest harms to others and the suppression of the economic livelihoods of persons lacking political power for the benefit of their more powerful competitors . Dealing with Crime in a Free Society


3 thoughts on “Will France have a Rapist as President

  1. You forgot to mention that the the simple Muslim Maid Nafissatou Diallo told lies to get into the USA, told lies to gain financial benefits, told lies to gain public housing and is an associate of criminals.
    Why should we believe her now?

    • Firstly if a women lies on her tax returns, or asylum application, does that mean anyone can then rape her, without fear of a trial.does this mean that her testimony is less than the rapist who has a string of women claiming he raped them also. And secondly what where these lies? You can find out about them on my posts Jewish banker, muslim maid and lady justice. No wonder a women gets raped every minute in the us, as any lie in their history would disqualify them for putting the rapist on trial. But hey that’s nonsense. Yep unless the accused is a billionaire fat Jewish banker and ex head of the imf

  2. The simple Muslim Maid Nafissatou Diallo has a history of lying- including lies about being raped- for her own material benefit, yet you claim she is a good Muslim whose word should be accepted without question. Is she a good muslim although she is a serial liar, or is she a good muslim because she is a serial liar? After all, it’s only nonmuslims she’s lied to. It looks as if you think telling lies to nonmuslims is perfectly acceptable- admirable, even. Nonmuslims might not share your opinion.
    Do you think nonmuslims should believe her claims about Strauss Kahn because they believed her previous lies or although they believed her previous lies?

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