Saif Al-Islam, Baghdad and Amercian Propoganda

I think we can all remember the footage of Saddam statue being pulled down in Baghdad. And we can all remember the subsequent pan shot photos that showed how the whole event was staged.

The purpose was to broadcast to the rest of Baghdad to give the impression the city had been taken and that any resistance might as well give up.

Well they tried again with Libya and the liberation of Tripoli.Firstly they flew in rebels to the outskirts of Tripoli and then ran reports of how Gaddafi was missing but that his dreaded son Saif Al-Islam was captured by the rebels. Couple this with spontaneous dancing in Green Square filmed by Sky News and the same result was predicted. Gaddafi’s regime was over and the government soldiers might as well give up now. Even I was Fooled.

But then the very next day. Saif -Al-Islam turned up , not in captivity but free amongst throngs of pro Gaddafi crowds. Looks like the american psyc-ops made a blooper there




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