The EDL have MAC all wrong

Today we see another stand-off between the right wing extremist EDL and the Islamist extremists MAC (Muslim Against crusaders) aka Anjam Choudry and Co. But little do the EDL know , that the driving ideology behind MAC is exactly what the EDL want.  Talk about two groups shouting at each other and not listening. MAC wants all muslims kicked out of the west to help them in their struggle to overthrow the rulers of the middle east and establish a glorious Hizb/Al Mujaharoon Khilafa.”No Muzzies in the West” did you hear that EDL , lol

Muslim Against crusaders is another guise (not hidden at all) for Al Mujaharoon that was banned by the Government. Al Mujaharoon is a sister organisation to Hizb ut Tharir,  another Islamist organisation. What they both have in common is a central policy of establishing khalifa. How they differ is in the method they adopt to try to get there.

Hizbut Tharir will oppose any mainstream Islamic position adopted by western muslims, if it means establishing grass-roots. This is because like Al Muhajaroon (MAC) they want all muslims in the west to leave the west and help the glorious revolution to establish a glorious Hizb ut Tharir/Al Mujaharoon global khalifa. So they wont support involvement in democracy (representative government), won’t support marchers and demonstrations (unless under their banner), etc.

Al Mujaharoon are not so subtle. They have a superbly executed policy of doing everything they possibly can to p*** off brits as much as humanly possible. The reasoning being that the backlash against Muslims in the UK would be so great that they would be forced to get off their backsides and leave their comfy jobs and cushy lifestyles to head to the east. And once there, they will help in establishing glorious revolution against the Arab rulers, so that a Hizbi/Almujaharoon Khilafa can be established.

Sounds insane. Well lets look at the recent stunts of MAC (Al Mujaharoon) and look at them in the light of day. Do they promote Islam or are they a master piece of p***ng of the average Brit. In no particular order. Of course they will say they are just highlighting western hypocrisy or calling for Islam.

There are lots and lots and lots more examples, but the point is quite clear.

On a separate note. Why am i calling fellow muslims Extremist Islamists?
Because that which they call for is alient from our Islamic History.

All the way up to a few hundred years ago, the islamic “State” had nothing to do with Sharia law. Sharia law was the remit of the Jurists, private learned scholars who applied methodology to the interpretation of the legal principles found in the Quran and the Sunnah.  At most the state appointed Judges (Qadis) who where like todays magistrates ignorant of the law.  And amongst most jurist circles being appointed as a Qadi meant the deathknoll for your career, as you where tainted with the Government corruption.

Sharia other than the penal codes is a bottom up legal system, where the people went voluntarily to settle their disputes. Choosing from amongst the most knowledgable jurist, or one from their Madhab.

There was virtually no state interference in people’s lives and with the exception of the handful of penal laws no state coercion. Could you imagine a hizbi/al mujaharoon global caliph. My worst nightmare.

Further reading of the libertarian nature of the Islamic State or here
Juristic Authority vs State Power. the Legal Crisis of Modern Islam




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