Will the Doctor Who Assistant be a Muslim

amara khan rita in dr who the god complex


very interesting episode of Dr Who on Saturday – The God Complex. Hat tip to the producers for introducing an explicitly muslim character, that just may be the doctors companion.

We were introduced to Rita (Amara Karan) , at the very same time the  Doctor takes Mr and Mrs Williams to a house with a vintage E-Type Jaguar parked outside – munificent gifts for the companions he’s unexpectedly saying goodbye to. ‘Why now?’ Amy asks. ‘Because you’re still breathing,’ the Doctor replies. ‘I think this is because of the washing-up, personally,’ she giggles.

In this episode a minator feeding upon peoples faiths comes . Rita survives because of her faith in Islam  and calls the hotel that they are in with the minator Jahannam. The doctor then says oh you are a muslim, and Rita replies “don’t be afraid”

When meeting Rita the doctor quips to Amy , oh she’s good, and tells amy tongue in cheek she is fired

Ok she died, but they have a habit of coming back to life


Amara was born to Sri Lankan parents who had moved to England from Zambia to further her father’s work opportunities. She went to the Wimbledon High School and, although she enjoyed drama, she regarded acting as a risky profession and studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University, graduating with a 2:1 degree. She then spent two years working in the City of London dealing in mergers and acquisitions. Whilst at Oxford she had directed and appeared in plays and finally decided to go to drama school. Within a month of graduation she was auditioning for Wes Anderson’s film ‘The Darjeeling Limited’.



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