Is the Natural History Museum pro Zionist – Complain Now

I know it may seem a trivial thing, but zero tolerance is essential.

Today i took my 5 year old to the Natural History Museum and it has a section on Memory. On one kiosk there is a telephone and a button to press for each decade, 1950,1960,1970 and 1980.  For each of the decades there are some memorable songs and news reports.

apparently the second most memorable news report for 1970 is “Palestinian terrorists murder Israeli athletes in Munich”.

Perhaps I am wrong and this is the most memorable news story for 1972. Maybe there was nothing else newsworthy for the whole of the 1970’s that tops this Most memorable news report.

But first thing that thousands of people listen to in this section of the dinosaur museum every day is “Palestinian terrorists”


It maybe it’s an innocent oversight, but given the Natural History Museums previous support for Zionist murdering scum, i doubt it


If you would like to contact the Natural History Museum and ask for an explanation , then please contact +44 (0)20 7942 5511


Or if you have a more memerable news story for the 70s let me know


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