The British Muslim Think Tank and the way forward

Adam Curtis has put together an awesome historical account of the creation of Britains Think Tanks

I still haven’t finished it , but i love the way Adam Curtis writes, it is a joy to read. And how he ties the whole story together. Lord Sutch, the pirate radio stations north and south carolina, and Britain’s first batter farm for chickens. I even remember those news stories about storming the pirate radio station.

But on a more serious note,  a couple of things really stood out for me

1) that the founders ofBritain’s think tanks recognized  that changing political opinion from the inside wasnt the way forward. what was important was to change the public viewpoint and this would then make the politicians more conducive to that particular policy and viewpoint

2)that they influenced the government not so much by getting mps elected.  we do have a numbers game here. But by having their ear through think tanks that were fronted as independent

3) That in order to influence the public the think tank had to be the pr firm for the ideas they where pushing, and they needed a way to circumvent state monopoly over the media. Back in the 70s that was by setting up pirate radio stations. What is it today?

You can see this in action today, through media control the Zionists have helped to shape public opinion.  Without it there would be NO one who would support their murderous Zionist state from among the people in the UK. That is how effective they have been,  You can also see this in the think tanks attack on Islam and muslims (shape public opinon and be the ear of the government), and the motivation behind them is their pro homosexual agenda such as the rabid Douglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion

p.s if there are any muslim think tanks out there.

Islam was a non coercive state, it was libertarian, it was  nothing like the police states they are now. Islam is a belief, Sharia is for the believers. The only use of state force was the penal laws, and these are the only laws the modern islamist governments don’t enforce, and if they do , they don’t enforce them on their friends and family.

Islam was also anti capitalist. If you couldn’t till your land your self you would give it to your brother free. There was no hoarding of capital, because its legitimacy was restricted to usage.

people were given their land for free, because the provisions belonged to the people. Yep that is how it should be here in the UK everyone should own an equal share of the land and resources. If British gas, etc and the aristocracy land owners have this ownership its because they stole it from the people

Whilst the west is becoming more and more authoritarian we should be moving towards our historical natural state, of non state interference, where workers shared the profit and the decisions, and didn’t become slave labour as we are today

Everything should be about choice. how we educate our children, how we are governed, how we earn our living and how and where we travel to. Islam is freedom


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