Anwar al-Awlaki in the Whitehouse

Today on the 30th September 2011 an American drone killed the american citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.  The timing, an upcoming American presidential election and a near economic meltdown. But also more significantly just a few days after the hated president Salah returned to Yemen during a bitter struggle by the people to oust him and have a more representative government.  It also came on the heals of a similar american sting operation within Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was assassinated.

This action raises so many questions, and on one level is unprecedented. The extra judicial assassination of an american citizen, and even more worrying the total demonization by the Zionist media of a person and a group of people in America, to such an extent that the average american citizen hasn’t batted an eyelid at this unprecedented breakdown to the idea of rule of law and the rights of  people.

Cage Prisoners article a missed opportunity charts Anwars rise to poster boy of American politics where he was invited to tea at the White House, to his incarceration in a Yemeni gulag at the behest of America as part of their “if it moves and is a Muslim” war on terror. And Anwars subsequent release and hardening theological views against the “great Shaytan”.

Torture and incarceration with no trial tends to have that effect on people. Anwar has produced dozens of lecture series such as the lives of the prophets or his commentary on the 9th century Book of Jihad by Ibn Nuhaas

And what of the Yemeni president Salah who ordered his incarceration at the behest of America, and has now aided in the assassination of Anwar within Yemen. No wonder he is hated by the people. When you give up your people for personal political gain then you are nothing but a corrupt oppressor.


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