Quantative Easing In laymans terms

quantitive Easing is a euphemism for printing money. But the government doesn’t like calling it “printing money” as that begs the question . Why do we pay taxes if they can just print the stuff?

Thats the simple explanation. The little bit more complicated explanation is that there are two mechanisms for money creation, by the banks (fractal banking) and by the government.

Fractal Banking

First the banks create money every time they give out a loan.  There is no pot of pound notes that they dish out every time they approve that loan for the new car, or the small business loan , or for the property.

What happens in laymen terms is that if they lend £1,000 for your new car. they go to the bank of England, show them the loan approval slip, deposit £100 of their own money in their account in the bank of england and then the bank of england writes £900 on a piece of paper and hands it to the bank. you take the money, and buy a car, and the dealer then goes and puts that £1000 in another bank. Which is then used as a 10% deposit in the bank of england for another bank to request the bank of england creates another £10000 out of thin air. Bingo Instant money. Which then begs the question do you actually have a debt. more on that later.

quantitive Easing

The second way is the government gets the bank of england to buy up all the iou’s (give me £5 and iou £7)  that the government sold to the money men in the city

So the fat hedge funds, pension funds etc get fatter and whisk the money off to pay for bankers bonuses and fancy cars and yachts, but most importantly a few studio apartments in the docklands. Which means that the cost of housing will once again rise and us lemmings will spend the rest of our lives paying to own a cardboard box 20 miles from the city.

So just to recap the banks create money when they issue loans (fractal banking) and the government creates money (quantitive easing) by asking the bank of england to create money out of thin air and buy up all the government ious from the fat money men.

So these bankers get to decide which sector of the economy grows, should it be the small business, should they grant loans to the film industry. Nope what they did is give out billions of loans to the housing. They made a huge pile of cash, and the rest of the country ended up having to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for a box somewhere in the suburbs.

Your Taxes

Which brings me nicely to taxes. why do we pay taxes when the government can just print the money to pay for roads, healthcare etc.  Someone would say that they can’t just print loads of money as then money would become worthless.  Just a quick check.  Bank of england brought £165 billion 2009, £200 billion 2010 and now announced another £75 billion

The NHS yearly budget is £90 billion.   So the government could pay for all the healthcare , roads, etc and not a blip would happen.

So why do we pay taxes . Because it allows the government to control how much disposable income the average joe has. And if they can control how much disposable income the average joe has , they can control how hard joe works. Yep up at 7 home at 7, play with the kids for an hour watch tv and then bed.


In both Islam and Christianity and natural law, we were given the provisions on earth for our use. The fact that 5% hoard 95% of the worlds resources tells us we have been robbed. So when you have to pay through the nose for gas and electricity you have question how on earth did this private company steal your natural resources and is now charging you for it.

When 95% of the land in the UK is owned by descendents of William the Conqueror whilst you struggle to pay for the box that is gonna take you 30 years to pay for , you got to ask yourself whose land.

When the government is printing money for the bankers and money men, whilst increasing stealth tax (road traffic fines, vat, travel , etc) on average joe, you gotta ask yourself. What good is this f***ng government. And do we really need it.

For further reading on fractal banking see the link provided before
for the uk land ownership and the biggest estates see duke of norfolk , duchy of lancaster, and durham cathedral

and for the islamic understanding of land and property and the mechanism to protect the average joe from exploitation by the capatilst barstewards download the pdf book land law and islam


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