When London had a Backbone – NOPolice

I Rember reading about the tithing system, that regulated communities in the UK. A form of community policing.   It was similar in February 2011 when Police melted away from the streets of Cairo. After a few days of looting and mayhem the people took control, Neighbourhoods set up check points and lynched any burglars, muggers and rapists.

Justice was served without the need of a corrupt authoritarian state. An authoritarian state that because it served the interests of the elite, spends most of its time as stealth tax collectors.

Anyhow came across this paragraph. And it is heartening to know that Londoners once had a backbone, even if today they have lost any semblance of our natural state of freedom

“By the mid-1700’s, London, England – one of the largest cities in the Wester world, still did not have an organized system of law enforcement. Crime was endemic to city life, and the governments only recourse was to read the riot act (call in the military when the lawbreaking became unbearable). Such actions were widely unpopular, as the townspeople did not appreciate being disciplined (and fired on) by soldiers whose salaries they were paying. Furthermore, the soldiers proved unreliable peacemakers, as they were hesitant to use force against their fellow London citizens. despite rampant crime in the city, most Londeners wer not in favor of a police force under the control of the city government. English history is rife with instances in which the king or some other government official abused military power by turning it against the citizens. therefor, the citizenry were wary of any formal armed organisation that could restrict their individual liberties” Criminal Justice in Action by Larry K.Gaines

Today it is unimaginable to live life in todays cities without government parenting. The city is too complex it wouldn’t work without central authority.  Well if that is the case then perhaps we shouldn’t have such cities.





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