The Butcher of Bahrain meets The Banker Cameron

The butcher of Bahrain , king Hamad Al-Khalifa came to visit his western backers today, with an impromptu and discreet visit to the Banker Prime Minister Cameron.

The Bankster Cameron for all intensive purposes took us out of Europe so that the city men can control their money supply by retaining their hold on the government and its subsequent approval . Far easier to sink their claws into a rotating dictatorship than have to bribe and conjul the federal Europe. Especially one that actually voiced suggestions of deep changes to the banking system.

Just a reminder. All that money floating around , in numbers on our and everyone elses bank accounts are created out of thin air. Everytime the banksters approve a loan they just pull out the accounting book and add the numbers to a page. Instant money. They then take between 4 and 9% for themselves. the fine tuned art of making money for nothing. For a full explanation i recommend this e book

Anyhow back to the Butcher of Bahrain. In a year of turmoil with revolutions starting in Tunisia, spreading to Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait,Syria, Libya , the US and UK and now Russia it is quite easy for the press to put the (not so nice for the west) revolutions on the back pages. In particular Bahrain the tiny little kingdom carved out of the middle east to fragment it and proped up by the American 5th fleet with all its aircraft carriers.

This is excellent aljazeera documentary charts the brutal supression of the ruling elite on those who would call for change, including the incarceration of the doctors and nurses who responded to the brutal state killing and oppression of those at Pearl roundabout




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