Heros, Divisivness and Woolwich

Lots to say about the incident in Woolwich, now that the dust has settled


Firstly , there are a strand of Muslim groups and individuals who play a very divisive role in the UK, and i have shared my thoughts on these groups/ individuals before

There is a very strong strand of ideology that desires a Muslim Khilafa, namely HT and its offshoots of al mujaharoon (and its many guises). This Khilafa mimics the modern worlds model of an all pervasive government with control over every aspect of its citizens lives. and since todays muslims have grown up with no understanding of how it used to be, this model is all they understand.

Underlying this movement .i.e the actors behind the scene is a pure and simlple political land grab. replace the arab world leaders with ht/al mujaharoon leadership. the movement started

with this guy taqiTaqi ud din an nabahani

But in order to overthrown a regime you need an army, and this is where the divisiveness comes into play. The army is hoards of disgruntled western Asian Muslims. Whose sense of Asian identity is affronted when they see the lowly status of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian workers in the gulf state.

So how do you get them off their comfy sofas in the west to join a hizbi/almujaharoon glorious revolution in the Arab world?

You follow the example of the Zionists who blew Synagogues up in Arabia to facilitate the flow of Jews to the newly created Israel.

And that’s precisely what these groups individuals do in the UK. They perform the most divisive acts they can to make the lives of Muslims in the UK so uncomfortable that they consider emigrating.

anjem choudry and woolwich killer

anjem choudry and woolwich killer

The Heros

Lots and lots of comments on how despicable it was that “our hero” was attacked whilst home in the UK. Men who fought for our liberty.  NOT

During the gulf war the UK government ramped up a publicity campaign for the British soldiers, using empty slogans such as support our troops. Creating or supporting charities such as help a hero. This was in response to the huge negative outpouring of Britain’s involvement in Iraq.It has continued unabated, with advertisements for jobs, fly on the wall documentaries, etc

These soldiers are NOT in Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure our liberties and freedoms. These soldiers are there to carry out the criminal designs of the government. A government who masquerades as representatives of the people, but really are there to enact laws, control the people for their elite benefactors. Pharmacy, Weapons, Food industries etc.

And the very second they step foot in these foreign lands they are perpetrating injustices. Every single one of them.

And they are responsible as individuals. They have a choice. They may not like the choice, but they have a choice. But they choose to be there, and they choose to commit atrocious injustices in the name of the bunch of people who call themselves the government.

Injustice will always create a response

these serving soldiers are responsible for huge injustices around the world, including rape, torture, murder and theft. And they carry them out with impunity. In Helmond province where Lee Rigby served claims of british soldiers cutting villagers throats and killing children

a more detailed account of the atrocities

So although i will never condone the actions of the attackers in Woolwich (because it is illegal, and the government with their private army will incarcerate or steal the property of those who do condone these actions)

all i will do is quote Malcom X


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