Quick Responses To Pro Israeli Propaganda

I have highlighted some quick Responses along with links for a more detailed response to Pro israeli propoganda aimed at enabling the Slaughter of Children.

Hamas wants to kill all the Jews – its in their Charter!

Response :The Likud Charter wants to ethnically cleanse Palestine & how does a call to return to pre 48 borders = kill all the jews?


If Hamas stops firing rockets , there will be no Israeli response

Response: If israel would stop occupying Gaza and wiping Palestine of the Map, Hamas would stop firing Rockets


Hamas Has launched thousands of Rockets at Civilian Areas

Israel has rained down thousands of sophistated US Rockets killing thousands of women and children.

Whereas there has only be 13 civillian casualties by Hamas in over 10 years.

Hamas digs terror tunnels to kill all the Jews

so why haven’t they and instead have used tunnels to fight IDF

Will add more, suggestions welcome

Hamas Terrorists Kidnap Israeli Soldiers

If they are invading Palestine, they are being detained by Palestinian Government

The reason they are detained is to try and secure the release of hundreds of women , children and political prisoners rotting in Israeli dungeons



Hamas are using Human Shields

The only side found and convicted of using Human Shields is the Israelis


So if children are being slaughtered by Israel because Hamas are using human shields does that mean Children are being slaughtered in UN schools because the UN are using human shields?




How We Can Help Palestine

Demonstrations, Social Media Blogging, Petitions are all well and good. But they should just be the stepping stone to pin point activism.

You don’t need to be part of a large organization with a hierarchical structure (my anarchism coming out) to make a big difference. Just a group of motivated friends are able to achieve huge things. And the power of a 100 or so of these groups would shake the foundations of the Zionist lobby

So how would it work?

Well the first and most important thing is focus.Focus on your specific objective. It could be focusing on diminishing the clout of a Pro Israeli business or lobby. Or on influencing or changing a key decision process that impacts Palestine. Or even of building ties between Palestine and your respective Country.

The Second most important thing is assess the knowledge and skills of your group of friends. Perhaps someone has strategic industry knowledge. they would then be able to identify the decision making process. Or maybe you have specific skills within your group, such as app designer, or rocket making skills ;-).

The Third most important thing is to structure your decision making process in the group, so that you can all agree quickly.  Small Fast and Agile

There is a huge groundswell and there is room for every group in this desire to help Palestine. The Group could be as small as 3 friends, or 100 strong.

But remember this is our time. This is where that change begins.


The Low Down on Hamas Rockets

Hamas Rockets have been an essential narrative for the pro israeli cheerleaders

“1000’s of rockets rained down on Israel”. We targeted a school because Hamas uses it to launch rockets.

Well lets look at these rocket launchers

Rocket Launchers







As You can See, the rocket launchers can be picked up and put into a backpack. Which means it takes 5 seconds to deploy them and another 5 seconds to pack them up and move them.

Which means they can be launched from anywhere at any time.

Which means that Israel can bomb schools, hospitals, graves, playground, beaches in fact every single place in Israel and claim they where targeting Hamas rockets.

What about the Rockets themselves

Qassam Rockets or as they are  known in the US Candy Rockets

the rockets are propelled by fertilizer (sugar and potassium). So when people talk of home made fireworks, they are not exaggerating . The explosives when used are generally recycled tnt



Can the firing of “candy rockets” at israel justify the mass slaughter of Children? Only if you are a racist who sees them as subhuman.