The Low Down on Hamas Rockets

Hamas Rockets have been an essential narrative for the pro israeli cheerleaders

“1000’s of rockets rained down on Israel”. We targeted a school because Hamas uses it to launch rockets.

Well lets look at these rocket launchers

Rocket Launchers







As You can See, the rocket launchers can be picked up and put into a backpack. Which means it takes 5 seconds to deploy them and another 5 seconds to pack them up and move them.

Which means they can be launched from anywhere at any time.

Which means that Israel can bomb schools, hospitals, graves, playground, beaches in fact every single place in Israel and claim they where targeting Hamas rockets.

What about the Rockets themselves

Qassam Rockets or as they are  known in the US Candy Rockets

the rockets are propelled by fertilizer (sugar and potassium). So when people talk of home made fireworks, they are not exaggerating . The explosives when used are generally recycled tnt


Can the firing of “candy rockets” at israel justify the mass slaughter of Children? Only if you are a racist who sees them as subhuman.






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