Ever since I was young I remember having a dislike for authority, of being told what i could and couldn’t do.And as i grew older , wanting to make sense of the world, this underlying feeling has pushed me to explore society and its control mechanisms, which are so far reaching its scary.

So how does this fit in with Islam, isn’t Islam the most controlling system on earth? Well the simple answer is NO.

Even amongst hardcore anarchists there is an understanding that certain “natural laws” are needed for any grouping of people to function.  Things like the sanctity of life, intelect, property, the right to live in peace, the right to have fairness in trade, restrictions on what comprises the family unit. Even a basic government whose role is to protect the people from outside attacks and protect the people from attacking each other.

And this is how it is in Islam, there are rules. But the vast majority of them are personal between the individual and God. And the enforcable laws are to do with peoples interaction with each other and with nature.

But the creep of authoritarianism in modern islamic republics and the west is oppressive. I can’t ride my bike in the local public park, not allowed to collect mushrooms without permission. can’t travel on the public highways using my private property without cost and restrictions,

For me the acid test of a free society is when an old person can afford to own their property outright, can be free of taxes and charges, and can choose to live a basic life without toiling or being dependent on the state. so that they can have the choice to be free on their land

Throughout this blog i will be exploring some of the state control mechanism and exposing them for the fraud they are , oppression under the guise of the people giving us our rights. For example
a) The compulsory education system
b) the judicary system and the difference between common law and statute law and our inalianable rights
c) the financial system
d) the media
e) historicity and nationhood

About Me
old, married, lots of kids and hail from London.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. what about the non believers????
    are we also alowed to live as we please??
    From my point of view, all relion s are dangerous,just because they won’t accept people to think for themselves.
    greeting from Holland.

    • according to what we know of the medina constitution, the different communities lived according to their own rules, but made a pact agreeing on the rules for crimes against person and property .
      the ottoman millet system was very similar. It is a far cry from the current political systems in the west and muslim world where the state enforces the state law on everyone

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