An-Archy (no Government)
Government – the system by which a nation state, or community is governed.
Govern – Conduct the policy, actions and affairs of (a state , organization or people)
Sovereign – possessing supreme or ultmate power
Mu-slim  – One (Mu) who submits (slim) to Allah
Allah –  Al Malik (the sovereign lord)
Democracy – For the people, by the people of the people.   By the people (popular sovereignty – the tyrany of the masses) or By the People (Adminstration and governance with limitations).  In the west these limitations come from nation state conformance or self opted into universal declerations of human rights). In Islam the peoples choices are bounded by the shariah. Because god and god alone gives us our rights, not people.

There is a role for government, but it is a basic role. To protect the people from outside threats, and to preserve the peace amongst the people

Traditonal islamic governance was not concerned with the actions or ideas or travel of its people on an individual level. It was only involved when it had an impact on the public. It was forbidden to spy on the people and invade their private lives.

I also believe that the people are sovereign, and the government acts on their behalf, and the governments legitimacy dervives from being bound by gods laws. Just as the queens legitimacy as sovereign is dereived from her pact with the people , and her oath to do everything in her power to uphold gods law, equally this is the only legitimate governance that ensures the protection of my god given inalianable rights.

Islam and Anarchism – Property and Possession

Am loving this connection. One of the main tenents of Anarchist belief is that “Property is theft” , capital is the root of all inequality. However they make a distinction between Property and possesion. A possession is your home or the tools you use, its ownership is tied to usage. Whereas a rented house, or an owned factory is property and capital. So instead of the capatilst owning the factory, the workers as a collective should own the property .

How delighted was I when i read in authentic Hadith and Bukhari that the prophet forbade renting, and recommended that any land that could not be cultivated by his owner be given to someone who could.

I was even more delighted when the fiqh talked of shared ownership of the profits, with the person who put up the money and the worker having equal value. Just like the prophet Mohammed when he worked for khadija. A share in the profit.

Well blog about it once my research has progressed.


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